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Get inked at Buddha's Ink Studio

Allow yourself to be taken on an inked filled journey and express the real you. At Buddha's Ink Studio we are committed to offer you the best way to write your own story with this ancient form of art. We ensure that your thoughts behind a tattoo are illustrated aptly. Walk-in or book an appointment for a world class tattooing and piercing experience that you will never forget.

What we strive to do

With a strong inclination towards client satisfaction through our work, we are making the modern day artwork of tattoos and piercing that stand the test of time. Following the highest standards of quality and hygiene, we ensure the best thing for you. We promise more than an amazing art, we promise an experience of a lifetime, one ink stroke at a time.

Every time you step in to get a tattoo or a piercing in our place, you will get the most positive and comforting vibes you'd ever come across. No wonder Buddha's Ink Studio is becoming one of the best tattoo parlours in Kolkata.